FX Rates - September 2017

Sat 23 Sep 2017
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FX Rates - Live Forex Rates September 2017

Welcome to the exchange rates page. Here you will find the top currency conversions to the base currency.

Live Exchange Rates Today - 23/09/2017

British Pound Forex Rates
GBP EUR British Pound Euro 1.1741
GBP USD British Pound Us Dollar 1.2462
GBP AUD British Pound Australian Dollar 1.6229
GBP NZD British Pound New Zealand Dollar 1.7349
GBP CHF British Pound Swiss Franc 1.2522
GBP INR British Pound Indian Rupee 83.418
GBP AED British Pound United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.5736
GBP MXN British Pound Mexican Peso 25.190
GBP CAD British Pound Canadian Dollar 1.6255
GBP ZAR British Pound South African Rand 16.389
GBP RUB British Pound Russian Rouble 71.666
Euro Forex Rates
EUR GBP Euro British Pound 0.8516
EUR USD Euro Us Dollar 1.0613
EUR AUD Euro Australian Dollar 1.3821
EUR NZD Euro New Zealand Dollar 1.4776
EUR CHF Euro Swiss Franc 1.0664
EUR INR Euro Indian Rupee 71.044
EUR AED Euro United Arab Emirates Dirham 3.8952
EUR MXN Euro Mexican Peso 21.454
EUR CAD Euro Canadian Dollar 1.3843
EUR ZAR Euro South African Rand 13.958
EUR RUB Euro Russian Rouble 61.035
Us Dollar Forex Rates
USD GBP Us Dollar British Pound 0.8024
USD EUR Us Dollar Euro 0.9421
USD AUD Us Dollar Australian Dollar 1.3022
USD NZD Us Dollar New Zealand Dollar 1.3922
USD CHF Us Dollar Swiss Franc 1.0048
USD INR Us Dollar Indian Rupee 66.936
USD AED Us Dollar United Arab Emirates Dirham 3.6700
USD MXN Us Dollar Mexican Peso 20.213
USD CAD Us Dollar Canadian Dollar 1.3043
USD ZAR Us Dollar South African Rand 13.151
USD RUB Us Dollar Russian Rouble 57.507
Australian Dollar Forex Rates
AUD GBP Australian Dollar British Pound 0.6161
AUD EUR Australian Dollar Euro 0.7234
AUD USD Australian Dollar Us Dollar 0.7678
AUD NZD Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar 1.0690
AUD CHF Australian Dollar Swiss Franc 0.7715
AUD INR Australian Dollar Indian Rupee 51.399
AUD AED Australian Dollar United Arab Emirates Dirham 2.8181
AUD MXN Australian Dollar Mexican Peso 15.521
AUD CAD Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar 1.0015
AUD ZAR Australian Dollar South African Rand 10.098
AUD RUB Australian Dollar Russian Rouble 44.158
New Zealand Dollar Forex Rates
NZD GBP New Zealand Dollar British Pound 0.5763
NZD EUR New Zealand Dollar Euro 0.6767
NZD USD New Zealand Dollar Us Dollar 0.7182
NZD AUD New Zealand Dollar Australian Dollar 0.9354
NZD CHF New Zealand Dollar Swiss Franc 0.7217
NZD INR New Zealand Dollar Indian Rupee 48.079
NZD AED New Zealand Dollar United Arab Emirates Dirham 2.6361
NZD MXN New Zealand Dollar Mexican Peso 14.519
NZD CAD New Zealand Dollar Canadian Dollar 0.9368
NZD ZAR New Zealand Dollar South African Rand 9.4463
NZD RUB New Zealand Dollar Russian Rouble 41.306
Swiss Franc Forex Rates
CHF GBP Swiss Franc British Pound 0.7985
CHF EUR Swiss Franc Euro 0.9376
CHF USD Swiss Franc Us Dollar 0.9951
CHF AUD Swiss Franc Australian Dollar 1.2960
CHF NZD Swiss Franc New Zealand Dollar 1.3854
CHF INR Swiss Franc Indian Rupee 66.614
CHF AED Swiss Franc United Arab Emirates Dirham 3.6523
CHF MXN Swiss Franc Mexican Peso 20.116
CHF CAD Swiss Franc Canadian Dollar 1.2980
CHF ZAR Swiss Franc South African Rand 13.087
CHF RUB Swiss Franc Russian Rouble 57.230
Indian Rupee Forex Rates
INR GBP Indian Rupee British Pound 0.0119
INR EUR Indian Rupee Euro 0.0140
INR USD Indian Rupee Us Dollar 0.0149
INR AUD Indian Rupee Australian Dollar 0.0194
INR NZD Indian Rupee New Zealand Dollar 0.0207
INR CHF Indian Rupee Swiss Franc 0.0150
INR AED Indian Rupee United Arab Emirates Dirham 0.0548
INR MXN Indian Rupee Mexican Peso 0.3019
INR CAD Indian Rupee Canadian Dollar 0.0194
INR ZAR Indian Rupee South African Rand 0.1964
INR RUB Indian Rupee Russian Rouble 0.8591
United Arab Emirates Dirham Forex Rates
AED GBP United Arab Emirates Dirham British Pound 0.2186
AED EUR United Arab Emirates Dirham Euro 0.2567
AED USD United Arab Emirates Dirham Us Dollar 0.2724
AED AUD United Arab Emirates Dirham Australian Dollar 0.3548
AED NZD United Arab Emirates Dirham New Zealand Dollar 0.3793
AED CHF United Arab Emirates Dirham Swiss Franc 0.2737
AED INR United Arab Emirates Dirham Indian Rupee 18.238
AED MXN United Arab Emirates Dirham Mexican Peso 5.5078
AED CAD United Arab Emirates Dirham Canadian Dollar 0.3554
AED ZAR United Arab Emirates Dirham South African Rand 3.5834
AED RUB United Arab Emirates Dirham Russian Rouble 15.669
Mexican Peso Forex Rates
MXN GBP Mexican Peso British Pound 0.0396
MXN EUR Mexican Peso Euro 0.0466
MXN USD Mexican Peso Us Dollar 0.0494
MXN AUD Mexican Peso Australian Dollar 0.0644
MXN NZD Mexican Peso New Zealand Dollar 0.0688
MXN CHF Mexican Peso Swiss Franc 0.0497
MXN INR Mexican Peso Indian Rupee 3.3114
MXN AED Mexican Peso United Arab Emirates Dirham 0.1815
MXN CAD Mexican Peso Canadian Dollar 0.0645
MXN ZAR Mexican Peso South African Rand 0.6506
MXN RUB Mexican Peso Russian Rouble 2.8449
Canadian Dollar Forex Rates
CAD GBP Canadian Dollar British Pound 0.6151
CAD EUR Canadian Dollar Euro 0.7223
CAD USD Canadian Dollar Us Dollar 0.7666
CAD AUD Canadian Dollar Australian Dollar 0.9984
CAD NZD Canadian Dollar New Zealand Dollar 1.0673
CAD CHF Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc 0.7703
CAD INR Canadian Dollar Indian Rupee 51.318
CAD AED Canadian Dollar United Arab Emirates Dirham 2.8136
CAD MXN Canadian Dollar Mexican Peso 15.497
CAD ZAR Canadian Dollar South African Rand 10.082
CAD RUB Canadian Dollar Russian Rouble 44.088
South African Rand Forex Rates
ZAR GBP South African Rand British Pound 0.0610
ZAR EUR South African Rand Euro 0.0716
ZAR USD South African Rand Us Dollar 0.0760
ZAR AUD South African Rand Australian Dollar 0.0990
ZAR NZD South African Rand New Zealand Dollar 0.1058
ZAR CHF South African Rand Swiss Franc 0.0764
ZAR INR South African Rand Indian Rupee 5.0897
ZAR AED South African Rand United Arab Emirates Dirham 0.2790
ZAR MXN South African Rand Mexican Peso 1.5370
ZAR CAD South African Rand Canadian Dollar 0.0991
ZAR RUB South African Rand Russian Rouble 4.3727
Russian Rouble Forex Rates
RUB GBP Russian Rouble British Pound 0.0139
RUB EUR Russian Rouble Euro 0.0163
RUB USD Russian Rouble Us Dollar 0.0173
RUB AUD Russian Rouble Australian Dollar 0.0226
RUB NZD Russian Rouble New Zealand Dollar 0.0242
RUB CHF Russian Rouble Swiss Franc 0.0174
RUB INR Russian Rouble Indian Rupee 1.1639
RUB AED Russian Rouble United Arab Emirates Dirham 0.0638
RUB MXN Russian Rouble Mexican Peso 0.3514
RUB CAD Russian Rouble Canadian Dollar 0.0226
RUB ZAR Russian Rouble South African Rand 0.2286